Specializing in only Modern Mechanical & Grandfather Clocks

I no longer perform clock repair or restorations!

Waiting List


This waiting list is for timepieces I have diagnosed as requiring disassembly to repair. When I evaluate your clock and determine it will require disassembly, I will give you a code to input in the box labeled “CODE”. Without the correct code the submission will fail. Your submission will put you on my list to contact when I can start on your clock. I no longer take possession of clocks I am not ready to actively work on.

I have no projection of a timeframe to start on clocks that are added to my waiting list. I’m sorry if you find this inconvenient but this is how I am comfortable providing this service.

Be aware when you bring me your clock to be diagnosed, you will leave with your clock! It will be repaired or you will have a code given to you in order to successfully submit this form and be added to my waiting list.

There is one exception. Modern mechanical clocks such as Howard Miller, Ridgeway or any other with German movements many times have exact replacements available. If I determine the best course of action is to replace the movement and you agree, I will take possession of the clock in order to replace the movement and test it before you are contacted to pick it up.