Specializing in only Modern Mechanical & Grandfather Clocks

I no longer perform clock repair or restorations!

No one has to rely on an antique mechanical clock to measure time anymore. Therefore a mechanical clock is no longer a tool to be used but instead something that represents an important time in our history. When I repair or restore antique sentimental clocks, I use techniques to preserve the design and workmanship.

The market value of a clock which you received from an important person in your life has little or no meaning. You may desire for it to stay just as you received it, working or not. You might want to have it operate just as it did when the person you care for used it.  I can help! I understand the feelings an antique clock that was owned by someone you hold dear can invoke. That is the reason I got involved with clocks and pocket watches. Your Time will treat your clock with care and respect.

I can relate to your feelings.   I will not try to take advantage of the sentimental value your clock has when making recommendations for the restoration of your cherished timepiece.  Click here to learn more about my approach to repair technique options.