Giving You Realistic Expectations on Clock Repair and Restoration Costs

General Categories of Antique and Modern Clocks

There are several different categories of mechanical clocks found in homes today.  There are antique clocks that range from the 18th to around the first half of the 20th centuries.  There are modern clocks from the second half of the 20th century up until today.  To describe mechanical clocks in general terms that gives an idea of their function and level of complexity, there are terms like “time only” with one gear train, “time & strike” with two gear trains(the strike is the notification of the hour at the top of the hour) and “time, strike and chime or just chime clocks” with 3 trains (chime clocks typically play a tune every 15 minutes).  There are exceptions, but these terms cover the majority of configurations.

Some examples of Repair costs

Specializing in only Modern Mechanical & Grandfather Clocks

I am no longer performing repairs and restoration of antique clocks.  In other words I am not performing the services described in this paragraph. Each antique timepiece is unique with its own history and condition.  I will provide an estimate upon examining your timepiece based on its apparent needs.  I make every effort to be thorough in my examinations but some conditions may not be determined without dissembling the movement.  Therefore, the cost to perform the repairs or restoration could change.  In the majority of cases a repair procedure I define as Servicing will correct the most typical areas of wear and maladjustment that prevent a clock from operating.  Here are some examples of pricing for Servicing an antique American clock.  For Time Only clocks $200, for a Time & Strike clocks is $350 and for Chime clocks $500.

This pricing is not a contract.  It is only an example in an attempt to give you realistic expectations.

House Calls for Clock Repair

I make house calls for tall case clocks (grandfather) because it is not practical to move the entire clock.  I charge $2.00/mile to travel the distance between my location and yours.  I will make an evaluation and recommendation.  If you agree, I will proceed to correct your clock’s problems.

If my recommendation is not acceptable, all you owe for is the travel.