Cuckoo Clock Repair

Antique vs. Modern Cuckoo Clock Repair

I perform repairs and restorations to cuckoo clocks.  Similar to grandfather clocks, cuckoo’s can be divided into two major categories, antique and modern.  In general an antique cuckoo will warrant repair or restoration.  The cost would in general follow the pricing for servicing a time and strike clock.

Modern Cuckoo Clocks

Modern I define as a clock made since the mid 1950’s.  In most cases the design of the clock movement has not changed since the original.   There are usually effectively identical replacements currently available.  If a modern Cuckoo clock is as much as 15 years old and I can’t repair it without disassembly, I recommend replacement. The replacement cost is similar to servicing, but many times lower.  Typically I would expect trouble free operation for another 15 years.  That is simply the most cost effective step to take.

Animated Cuckoo Clock Repair

Animation associated with cuckoo clocks add an extra level of complexity.  The extra elements include the music box, the extra weight, gear train and the various linkages and interaction with the clock movement.