Local Atmos Clock Repair

I no longer service Atmos Clocks !

Specializing in only Modern Mechanical & Grandfather Clocks

What makes Atmos clocks different?

Amos Clocks Repair is a special discipline on a special type of clock.  They are most commonly Swiss made.  They do have mainsprings just as American Kitchen clocks do but that is where the similarities end.  There gear trains are more like a pocket watch.  The escapement method is more similar to a pocket watch’s oscillating balance wheel than a swinging pendulum of a typical clock.  Amos clock pendulums is called a Torsion style due to the oscillating disk twisting a long thin flat spring.  The most interesting thing about Atmos clocks is the method used to wind them.  They have a bellows that is filled with a special gas that expands and contracts enough with a small temperature change to keep the clock wound.  Some are incorrectly under the impression that it is powered by fluctuations in atmospheric pressure.  Good guess, but no.

My training on Atmos Clock Repair

I was trained in the repair and restoration of Atmos clocks by Jeff Hamilton.  He is a clockmaker in North Florida that was trained by LaCoultre the manufacturer of the majority of Atmos clocks.  He has taught countless classes over the past 30 years.  I also have fabricated specialized tools for work on these clocks.